Eastern Bhutan Tours 16 Days 17 Night

Eastern Bhutan Tour Takes you to visit the most rural parts of Bhutan. This itinerary will cover almost all parts of Bhutan starting from west to east (See Western, Central and Eastern Bhutan in our side links)

Central Bhutan 10 Days 11 Night

You can explore the central region of Bhutan, driving through the meandering roads from west to central, enjoying the mountainous view. (Thimphu,Paro,Punakha, and Bumthang)

Himalaya Bhutan Tours 7 Days 8 Night

Himalayan Bhutan Tours explores the Western region in detail with more of sight sing.(See Western Bhutan Tour)

Glimpse Of Bhutan Tours 5 Days 6 Night

With this Tour itinerary you can explore the Western region of Bhutan (Thimphu,Paro and Punakha)

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