Sonam Tshoey Travel provides all types of tours and treks to this mesmerizing land. Our tours are especially designed to provide our guests with a multitude of memorable Bhutanese experiences in a comfortable, safe and pleasant manner.

All the tours conducted so far have been extremely excellent which our guests enjoyed thoroughly. Sonam Peljore, Proprietor of Sonam Tshoey Travel, will personally ensure that all the needs of the guests are well attended during their visit. Allow him and his wife Karma, to personally attend to your needs and to invite you to their private home for some traditional Bhutanese cuisine which is cooked personally by him. Guests will also be provided with fresh home made ice cream and pure organic fruit sorbets which are made by Sonam Peljore who received the ice cream and sorbet production training from Sorbetto, Zurich, Switzerland.

sonam tshoey travel owner of the company

The owner of the company.

The owner of the company with the guests in Punakha on the longest  (230 meters) suspension bridge in Bhutan


  • All types of tours and treks are designed to provide with a multitude of memorable experiences
  • Guided by experienced and qualified tour guides
  • Invite you to their private home for some traditional meals.
  • The guests can taste fresh home made ice cream and sorbet made from organic fruits grown in Bhutan.
  • The owner received ice cream and sorbet production training from Sorbetto, Zurich, Switzerland

Our sister company

Our sister company Sonam Tshoey Enterprise is the official Agent for sale and distribution of Tissot watches from Switzerland.

The guests are welcome to visit the store in Chang Lam Plaza in Thimphu where varieties of Tissot watches are displayed and the prices are reasonable.  These watches are also good for giving away as presents.

For those quests who wishes to trek in Bhutan can buy the Tissot T-Touch Tactile watch which has features like compass, altimeter, chrono, alarm, meteo that is extremely useful for places like Bhutan"
Tissot Sonam Tshoey Travel